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Opinions on Ouya

A while ago my co-Futurenaut Daniel posted about the Ouya-Kickstarter project. By now also critical voices have been heard, for example in the Penny Arcade Report by who interviewed, among others, Indie developer Robert Boyd from Zeboyd Games.

“My main problem with the OUYA is that it’s selling a dream: ‘The Console for Indie Developers,’” he explained. “It’s primary selling points are that it’s cheap and developers can make games for it without buying expensive development kits. However, you can already get all that with a cheap PC and unlike the OUYA, the install base for the PC is already massive.”

This German article, published two days ago on points out

"Owners of Android-Smartphones have already noticed, that the marketplaces are more and more dominated by free-2-play or ad-sponsored games. It has to be expected that there will be mostly two kinds of games on the "Ouya" marketplace: On the one hand typical free-2-play games. Onlinegames where it doesn’t matter that you copy like the xerox machine in the college library. On the other hand you’ll find those kind of developers there whose garbage was even too bad for the weak terms and conditions of the App- and Android stores."

Whatever you may think of it, “Ouya” is an interesting concept that stirs up the gaming world quite a bit. We’re curious what will come out of it.