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Fiasco showcased at TableTop

One of my favourite roleplaying games of all times is Fiasco by Jason Morningstar, a gamemaster-less indie story game about ordinary people with high ambition and poor impulse control that basically lets you create your own Coen Brothers movie.

That’s why I have been looking forward to this day for months, because today the first Fiasco episode of Wil Wheaton’s YouTube show TableTop has finally been released.

Watch Wil Wheaton, actress Alision Haislop, writer Bonnie Burton, and John Rogers, executive producer and creator of Leverage play the first act of this excellent game. It is not only fun to watch them play their characters, tell a story together and see the Fiasco unfold, it is also a really good introduction to how this and other similar indie story games work, and, if you’re familiar with traditional roleplaying games, how games like Fiasco are completely different from those.

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